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We Must Ask Ourselves: "Why?"

So I thought I would take a look at Corinth's standings in the C Spire Fiber to the Home(FTTH) race this morning (1-30-2014) and what do I find? North Corinth is at 7%, central Corinth is at 2% and south Corinth is at 1%. To say that I was disappointed by these numbers is putting it lightly. I was really expecting my fellow Corinthians to show C Spire that we truly did want change. I know that each of us have different priorities in our day to day lives and I surely do not expect my fellow citizens to let me tell them where or how to spend their money. I was and still am, very optimistic about Corinth's future with FTTH and the business offerings that C Spire already offers in our area.

So where exactly do we stack up in this race for getting fiber to the home?

  • The Allen community of Horn Lake has 35%
  • The South Montgomery community in Starkville has 22%
  • The city of Quitman is at 20%
  • The Bridgewater community in Ridgeland is at 13%
  • The Hunters Ridge/Indian Ridge community has 12%
  • And as noted above, North Corinth is at 7%

That's where we stand, basically. Looks pretty bleak for Corinth being the first with fiber to the home in the great state of Mississippi, huh? So we must ask ourselves the simple question, “Why?”. Just from the number of people that I get to talk to on a daily basis, through my day job, I think residents just haven’t taken the time to look at the information pertaining to how FTTH will and can affect them. They have not looked into how this technology will profoundly change our town for the better.

I hope the people of Corinth realize that there is a lot more at stake here than downloading movies from Netflix faster. I hope that the people of Corinth realize that we live in a new economy, where any technological edge that you can have, matters. Moving forward, we need every tool available to attract the jobs we need to grow our town. We need these tools so that we can reach our children in so many new ways. Such as new distance learning programs or real computer science classes. And just as importantly, (and the answer to the biggest complaint I hear) we need this technology to stand out in the recruitment of new industry.

I hope the people of Corinth can find a way to come together on this. Take some time and research towns such as Kansas City, KS, Chattanooga, TN and Lafayette, LA. Read for yourself how having fiber in their town has changed things in a positive way. Then go preregister today at http://www.cspire.com/corinth

I truly believe in a matter of a few days Corinth could rise well above Horn Lake on the leaderboards and meet the C Spire percentage goal to be FIRST in one of our three fiberhoods. The positive press Corinth would receive would be unprecedented and industries would take notice of our progressive approach. The tools have been provided to us as a community. What we choose to do with them is yet to be seen.

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