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New Site

So.. Yet another iteration of raycocopiers.com. There are lots of things we are hoping to bring to this new version of the site and our clients that we could not before, with the old site. First of which is this blog. Also, we are looking to have more of a social presence. Our blog posts will be shouted out through Twitter, Facebook & Google+. I still have to set those accounts up and thats another blog post for another time. The new site will make it easier for us to add new products, even update existing products in a matter of minutes. There is a customers that, for now is pretty sparse, but will soon allow our clients to do things that they could not do before.

Rayco Blog

Our blog is powered by a fairly new open-source blogging application called Wardrobe, by Eric Barnes and leverages the fabulous php framework Laravel (which is what this site is built on) and Backbone.js. Some of the things our clients can expect here? Well, for starters, we will be posting short tutorials on how to do cool things with your copier or printer. From simple things like how to make a booklet or setting defaults. To more complicated things like setting up "Scan to Folder" or utilizing a document management system, such . We will also be taking suggestions on things that you would like to learn.


We will use social media outlets as a way to communicate with not just our clients, but everyone else. Announcing new products, funny things happening around the office/shop (laws knows we have plenty of that), breaking industry news, etc... I still have to set those up, so. Just bear in mind, I am a tech with Rayco too. That is and will be my primary job. This (web development) is a hobby of mine and the company lets me play during my own time. So don't expect feeds of social dribble all day everyday.


As for the customers section of our site. Plans are to allow our clients access to emailing their meter readings, requesting supplies and placing service calls or just asking questions, no matter how complicated or lengthy. Blog post coming...

I hope everyone likes the new site and gets as much out of it as I did making it. Ok, I know... It doesn't look like a million dollar site. Muchless it doesn't look like a 400 million dollar site, but like I said, "Web development is my hobby." I didn't say that I was any good at web design, but hopefully I can at least make the experience as easy as possible. As for now, since I have not worked a comment system into Wardrobe (nor has Eric, so...) you can e-mail me at my company address (pjackson@raycocopiers.com), Twitter (@unisys12) or even Google+(+Phillip Jackson). Thanks again!!